About Me

My name is Jaime and I am from Boston! In the fall I will be a senior at one of the best B1G 10 schools on the East Coast, majoring in Health Administration. I am completely in love with my school and major, as one of my best friends said “It’s so much easier when you like it”.

I have a passion for fitness and living a heathy lifestyle, which is part of the reason I created this blog. The other part is because I really, really love blogs. I couldn’t give you a real reason, but I love seeing the ideas and interests of others. Maybe that’s a real reason? Unclear.

My goal for this is to create a really well-rounded balance of health and lifestyle related content. I want to cater to the average young adult, aka the millennial’s who are hustling their asses off while trying to manage staying in shape, going out with friends, and achieving a healthy mental state.