Tastes like Chicken

Since the spring of my freshman year in high school (6 years ago), I have been a vegetarian. I watched the movie Food, Inc. and immediatly stopped eating meat and poultry. I never cut out seafood, living on the East Coast my whole life, it was just something I could never give up.

I made the switch because I didn’t agree with how food in America was being produced. The mass production,inhumane and unethical ways meat and poultry was slaughtered made me sick. Full disclosure, it wasn’t really about the animals for me, but more about the lack of respect and unsanitary conditions that animals were put in that made me not want to eat meat or poultry.

Growing up in an Italian family and my mom being super healthy, we never ate a whole lot of red meat (but we did eat a lot of pasta). Looking back on it, cutting that and poultry out was easy. I just … stopped.

Fast forward to January of 2016. I live in an apartment at school, and for some reason found it harder and harder to get my protein in everyday. If I bought fish every week, it would stink up my apartment and I really didn’t want to be that roommate. I also didn’t like relying on more than one serving of protein powder a day. When I wasn’t in school (I took the whole year of 2014 off), it was wicked easy to prep my lunch for the week on Sundays, take time and ensure I was getting enough protein, carbs, fats, blah blah blah. But being in school and on a very (so sad) low college budget, it became a little trickier. That’s when I decided to switch back to only eating organic and natural, or kosher chicken. Instead of just buying standard brand name chicken, which is full of pesticides and hormones and God only knows, I knew that it would be easier for me to spend a little more on the organic brand. If I bought Kosher, I knew it was ethically raised. Initially though I was going to get super sick after not having chicken for 6 years, but surprisingly I didn’t!

I usually still tell people I am a vegetarian (complete lie) because I will only eat the chicken I buy and I don’t want to offend anyone. Overall I’m glad I made this switch back, it was nice little 6 year ride but at this point in my life, I’m all for chicken.




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