Fourth School’s a Charm

Normal people graduate high school, have one last hoo-rah with their best friends during the summertime, go off to college and begin the ~best~ four (or five or six if you’re lucky) years of their lives.

Me? I did not do that. Not even close.

Being from a Boston suburb and having my Nonnie live right in the city, I spent so much time in high school with her. I am so lucky that I have this opportunity, because it made me realize how in love with my city I am. Looking back on it, I really don’t know why I thought I would love the midwestern Big 10 school I chose to attend. The whole summer prior I wished time would slow down, because I wasn’t ready to leave.

Eventually, August came and I was off. I rushed (another post about this to follow), met some of my best friends still to this day, and started classes. However, the whole semester I realized that it wasn’t what I wanted. I hated being in the middle of nowhere, I felt trapped. I hated how I was hours from an airport and I didn’t have the comfort of going home to my family. I was always the girl who wanted to go far and experience something new, and I felt like I failed.

I left after one semester, and it was the best decision I ever could have made. Luckily I got a great job at a university in the city, was taking classes at community college so I wouldn’t fall behind, was #onpoint with my workouts, and loving life. The only part that sucked, was all my friends were loving their second semester of freshman year, and I was playing catch up. During this time, I honestly can say I figured out who I was and became the person I am today. I wouldn’t say I changed, but I definitely *found myself*.

That summer I enrolled in a local university for the fall, because I thought I wanted a smaller school close to home. After some thought (and after registering for classes and sending in my security deposit, sorry Mom and Dad), I realized I definitely did not want to go to that school. I wanted to be far again, but close enough where I could come home whenever I wanted. I wanted my sorority, I wanted to be a small fish in a big (HUGE) pond.

After admitting this to my parents, they (shoutout to you people) were skeptical, but just wanted me to be happy. I ended up taking the whole year of 2014 off of school. I kept up with classes, worked, but needed to figure out my life. I researched which schools were big enough, had my sorority, would be easy for me to come home, and weren’t in the middle of nowhere. I found my current university, applied, was accepted for January 2015, and the rest is history.

I went from Midwest, to community college, to a school a thought I wanted, to the school I am in love with. For whatever high schoolers read this, just know you’ll end up where you’re supposed to. It took me a year and a half, but I found my happy place and it was the best decision I could have ever made.





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