My Food Scale

I’ve been tracking my macros (very un-religously) for the past few years. Whenever I remember, or if I have an event I want to be #onpoint for, I’ll track for a period of time, then get less strict. Honestly, it varies by day. This past semester I got a new roommate (shoutout to you FP ily), and luckily our personalities were super similar. I have seen people on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter all use Food Scales, but I never thought it was something I really needed and was always just estimating when I tracked my food. My roommate brought one when she moved in and I started using it, and pretty much immediately I was hooked.

I really like that I can measure down to the exact gram the amount of food I’m eating. For example, I eat spinach everyday. I always estimate it was a few cups just to ensure that I was getting enough Vitamin A for the day. However when I used the food scale to measure, I realized I was eating way less than I had been tracking for.

For me, it’s little things like this that I like to know. I went on eBay and bought the “Ollieroo 5KG/1G Digital Kitchen Weight Scale LCD Electronic Diet Food Device USA for a little under $10.

Disclaimer : I am very lenient when I track my foods. I recognize some people can get obsessive with tracking which can lead to unhealthy behaviors, so take this with a little grain of salt and recognize that while tracking is super helpful to some people, getting obsessed isn’t always a good thing.




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