Beats Mixr Review

A couple months ago, I finally gave in to the Beats hype and bought a pair of Mixr’s. Originally around $250.00, I bought these brand new on Groupon for $90.00, SUCH a steal.

They came in this really cool box, and you can fold them up and put them in a case that also came with it. I guess these are actually for DJ’s, because they came with two cords. One super long pink one which I am assuming is the DJ one, and another regular length one (that was red, which kind of bothered me because it didn’t match but I wasn’t too upset).

I don’t know if I just have a small head, but these go right to the bottom of my ears. I wouldn’t say they’re big, but if they were like a centimeter smaller they’d be perfect. But besides that, the sound quality is awesome and now I literally cannot workout without them. I won’t workout if I don’t have them with me, they’re that awesome.

I’m planning on buying the Beats Solo’s for my brother’s high school graduation present, so I will definitely do a review and compare the two!




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