I want to switch up the vibe a little bit so my posts aren’t all “health and fitness” focused. Don’t worry, it still will mainly H&F related, but I wanted to branch out and not feel so restricted to blogging about only H&F.

So first …. ClassPass. For those of you who don’t know, CP is essentially a workout pass. It is available in pretty much all Metro areas (Boston, NYC, LA, Washington, D.C., Portland, Seattle, etc) and gives you access to almost all the top fitness (i.e. Barre, Spin, Pilates, Kickboxing, Yoga, etc.) studios in your area. Depending on which membership you choose, you can workout at all these places for a flat rate through ClassPass.

While at school, I canceled my ClassPass because there are no studios in the area that work with CP. Moving home, I reactivated it and couldn’t be any happier. The changed up their membership a little bit, but it is even more worth it now!

Each month you have the option of: 

Base: 5 Classes for $65 ($13 a class)

Core: 10 Classes for $120 ($12 a class)

UNLIMITED Classes for $180 (Amount per class depends on how many classes you take)


I believe this is a STEAL because a lot of the drop in rates for fitness studios in Boston can be upwards of $30! You can go to the same studio 3 times per month, however with SO many options I like it always mix it up unless I love a class or instructor. Next month I will probably try Unlimited, but for now I am happy with my 10 classes.

Use the link below to get $20 off your first month of a Base membership!

To find out more information about ClassPass, go to

If there is anything you guys want from me, or want to see me put on the blog I am totally open to suggestions!!



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